Pure Stock Rules



  1. Printable Copy: PURE STOCK RULES


  1. FRAMES: All cars completely stock. Full frame cars of sedan type or Pickup Trucks will be allowed. Minimum wheel base 108″. No hearses, commercial vehicles, station wagons or convertibles. No foreign cars. Full steel bodies only. Rear frame rails may be replaced with 2″X3″ square tubing after kickup only! Frame must remain stock. No shortening.
  2. BODY: MUST HAVE OEM ROOF! Body must be GM to GM, Ford to Ford, etc. Stock front windshield posts must remain in stock position. Body may not be shortened, chopped or sectioned. Homemade or Aftermarket bodies will be allowed as long as they remain “STOCK APPEARING”!! ALUMINUM sheeting will be allowed for doors, fenders & quarters, MUST have OEM Body Lines NO FLAT SIDES! Fenders may be trimmed for tire clearance. Nose, Grille or Tail section may be replaced with aftermarket plastic pieces, (i.e. Performance Bodies) No tubing, bars, or iron protruding outside of Body (i.e. no nerf bars). All chrome trim removed from car, including door handles, moldings and mirrors. Interior sheet metal may be removed. Trunk floor may be removed. Rear of Body must be closed off, Aftermarket Plastic Bumper recommended!
  3. SPOILER: Rear spoiler will be allowed with maximum height of 5” (Total Material) Cannot exceed the width of the trunk lid.
  4. HOOD: Hood must be OEM style. Cowl induction hoods, or open holes for air cleaner clearance, hood scoops & deflectors will be allowed.
  5. INTERIORS: Firewall and floor pan must be in stock position & remain full width. (STEEL /TIN ONLY). Floor pan to go from front firewall to front of rear tires (behind rear passenger seat location) and from door to door. Must have rear firewall between cockpit and fuel cell. No cutting of either firewall, except for roll cage clearance or for notching for Over Rail Header clearance. Aluminum sheet allowed in interior only, for rear firewall, dash/gauge panel only. A full interior will be allowed as long as there is a removable panel to be able to inspect the enclosed area of the interior!!
  6. BUMPERS: Stock front and rear bumpers in stock position. Must be chained on each side to frame or welded. Must be rounded off with tubing to prevent hooking. Must be stock appearing. Tubing bumpers will be allowed w/plastic nose or tail panels.
  7. WINDSHIELD: No glass or plastic windshields. Three (3) equally spaced vertical bars with screen on driver side minimal.
  8. ROLL CAGE: Full six (6) point cage with front and rear hoop is mandatory. Roll cage must be securely welded to frame. Tubing must be a minimum of 1.5″ in diameter and .095 wall thickness, securely welded to the frame. Three horizontal door bars required on driver side. No galvanized, black gas, or aluminum tubing allowed. Roll cages will be inspected. Roll bars within driver area must be padded. No outside side rails allowed.
  9. SEATS: Approved aluminum racing seat mandatory. Seat must be secured to cage assembly using four (4) grade eight bolts with lock nuts, no less than three eighths (3/8) inch diameter. A quick release Window net on drivers side Mandatory if not running a full containment seat.
  10. SEAT BELTS: Five point, three inch, approved safety harness mandatory (6 point double anti sub belt recommended). Manufacturers date tag must show 1/14 or newer. If date tag is not present, belts must be replaced. Belts must be secured to cage assembly. For tab mount belts, one half (1/2) inch diameter, grade eight bolts and lock nuts must be used.
  11. PEDALS: Stock or Aftermarket pedals will be allowed. There can be only 1 Master Cylinder for brakes, NO Brake Balance Bars of any kind will be allowed!
  12. BRAKES: Three wheel brakes will be allowed, but must be in good working order.
  13. FIRE EXTINGUISHER: All cars to be equipped with a filled, operable fire extinguisher securely mounted within reach of the driver.
  14. SUITS & HELMETS: Approved NOMEX drivers suit mandatory! Full face SNELL approved (SA-95) or newer helmets mandatory. MOTORCYCLE HELMETS (M-95) WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. Racing Gloves will be Mandatory!
  15. BATTERY: Battery required to be mounted in trunk area between frame rails minimum 3/8″ hold down bolts.
  16. STEERING: Solid Steering Column, from Steering Box to Steering Wheel. Approved Racing Steering Wheel, Quick Release Hub & Steering Quickners will be allowed.
  17. TIRES: Hoosier E-Mod 26.5 or 27.5 “A” or “H” ONLY! GROOVING & SIPING will be ALLOWED! Hoosier Wissota 35-W ONLY AFTER JUNE 1ST! NO Grooving or Siping Allowed on this tire! NO CHEMICALS, SOAKING or SOFTENING of ANY TIRE WILL BE ALLOWED!
  18. WHEELS: Maximum 8″ wide. Right Front or Right Rear Beadlock only! Racing wheels mandatory on right side. No mag, aluminum, plastic or fiberglass wheels, 9/16″ minimum studs with 1″ lugs mandatory. Mud caps will be allowed.
  19. REARENDS: Locked rear ends allowed. Ford rear ends okay, using OEM suspension for model. No truck rear ends. FLOATER REARENDS WILL BE ALLOWED!
  20. RADIATORS: Aftermarket radiators will be allowed. Transmission coolers will be allowed & mounted in the engine compartment only.
  21. SUSPENSION: All Steering / Suspension items must be OEM in stock location. Stock mount shocks in stock location. Aftermarket springs with spacers allowed. Screw type weight jacks will be allowed on the rear only, springs must remain in stock location. A stock replacement Upper Control Arm made by U-B Machine Part #14-0809- 5R 8″ Right or #14-0829-6L 8.5″ Left that have a steel cross shaft will be allowed. This is optional not mandatory. You will NOT be allowed to move the brackets on the frame.
  22. CARBURATORS: Stock OEM Two (2) barrel carburetor, NO HOLLEY’S!!! Carburetor to be mounted to manifold. No adapter plates. Choke can be removed. G.M. Rochester, Ford Autolite & Chrysler will be allowed. Rochesters will be allowed to Run Holley Jets. Venturi Size: 1 3/8” …Butterfly Size: 1 11/16” MAXIMUM! MUST FIT OUR TECH GAUGES, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  23. FUEL: Pump Gas or Racing Gas only. NO E-85 or METHANOL ALLOWED!!
  24. FUEL CELL: Contained fuel cells only, fuel cells to be securely mounted in trunk area, using minimum (2) 2″x 1/8″ flat steel straps & 3/8” bolts. Cars to have full firewall between fuel cell and driver.
  25. FUEL PUMPS: OEM Style block mounted fuel pumps will be allowed. No electric fuel pumps allowed. No pressure regulators or bypass returns of any type will be allowed.
  26. EXHAUST: Collector type Under Chassis or Over Rail Headers will be allowed! Notching of Firewall will be allowed for Over Rail header clearance only!
  27. FLYWHEEL & CLUTCH: Stock OEM flywheel (no aluminum). Stock single disk clutch and pressure plate per make of engine. Explosion proof bell housing required (scatter shields). Automatic transmissions to run explosion proof blanket or 1/4″ steel scatter shield over converter. Automatics must have a working torque convertor.
  28. HEADS: Head castings – single valve spring only, screw-in stud guide plate OK. NO MILLING OR CUTTING OF VALVE SPRING SEATS TO ALLOW USE OF LARGER VALVE SPRINGS, MUST USE STOCK OEM VALVE SPRINGS! GM-350 CID, to use these castings only 487-882-997-624-126-493-185-339-441-993 GM 305 CID, to use these castings 434-450-416-896-520-601-

The Engine Quest Head CH350I for GM & CH318B for Chrysler will also be allowed! Intake: 1.940 Exhaust 1.500 MAXIMUM! FORD 351 W CID C90E – Intake: 1.940 Exhaust:1.500 MAXIMUM Chrysler 360 CID – Intake: 1.880 Exhaust:1.600 MAXIMUM

  1. INTAKE MANIFOLDS: Cast iron OEM 2-Barrel intake, NO MODIFICATIONS of any type allowed. NO BUS or TRUCK INTAKES or SPACERS OF ANY KIND ALLOWED! No grinding, machining, acid porting or polishing of any kind will be allowed. Weight must be OEM. Intake Height – 4 ¼” MAXIMUM!! Measured from top machined surface of block.
  2. CAMSHAFT, LIFTERS & ROCKER ARMS: Hydraulic/non roller only, stamped steel rocker arms only, no roller rockers or roller tip rockers
  3. CRANKSHAFT, CONNECTING RODS & PISTONS: Stock OEM crankshaft & connecting rods, no aftermarket rotating assemblies will be allowed. Stock stroke (must match block #’s), No polishing, knife edging, chroming or lightning of crankshafts or connecting rods allowed. Balancing will be permitted. Flat top or dish pistons only! NO DOME or GAS PORTED PISTONS! MAXIMUM .060 OVERBORE ALLOWED ON ALL MAKE & MODELS!!
  4. IGNITION: Stock type HEI or point type distributors and parts. No Aftermarket Coils, MSD Ignition, or magnetos.
  5. OIL PANS: “Claimer” style pans allowed. Inspection plug will be MANDATORY & must be in line with the #3 cylinder. Must be a minimum of 1/2″ pipe!
  6. BALLAST: Added weight permitted. Any added weight must be securely fastened with 2 ½” bolts minimum and must be painted white.
  7. WEIGHT: 3,200lb’s Minimum w/driver after race. NO TOLERANCE!
  8. APPEARANCE: Number to be at least 24″ high and easily readable and in contrasting colors. To be displayed on both sides and top of car.
  9. CAR PROTEST RULES: A. All car protests must be placed with the Director of Competition no later than 10 minutes after the “A” feature. B. The Protest Fee is $100 and must be given to an Official along with the protest. Car in protest will be checked after the main event. If the car in protest is illegal the protester will be returned his $100. If the car is legal, the $100 is given to the car in protest. C. Management reserves the right to refuse any or all claims or protests that may occur! D. Any car found to be ILLEGAL will lose all Championship Points earned for the year to date of the infraction and all Money earned for the event in question. E. Registered car owners and/or drivers are the only legal protesters.