2021 Semi Stock Division Rules


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Semi Stock Payout – 1ST $ 2000 ~ 2ND $ 1200 ~ 3RD $ 700 ~ 4TH $ 400 ~ 5TH $ 300 ~ 6TH $ 200

1. 1980 and newer, No Imperials, no Suicide Lincolns, no hearses. 03+ are allowed!!
2. Cars must have seatbelts and working brakes “MANDATORY”
1. Remove all glass mirrors and plastic. Remove all decking in wagons
Vehicles must be swept clean of all debris
2. No sedagons, ZERO sheet metal folding or frame shaping. Creasing sheet metal enhancements is allowed, but rear quarters and taillight lance area attachment points must remain vertical/straight up and in factory position. You can change front clip must be of the same make and model.
3. Deck and Hood must be 100% in stock location and open for inspection or able to see into with a 12” cut out (you may cut up to 50% of the trunk/deck lid off or remove completely) or a single 90 degree bend. Must stay on factory hinges
4. Anything can be removed, NOTHING can be added
5. FASTEN DOWN HOODS, TRUNKS AND TAIL GATES (4 each) in 1 of the following 3 ways, NO mix and match!!! First way: 4 places with ½” bolts sheet metal to sheet metal, Second way: (4) 3” long angle iron ¼” thick max. Back to back, with 1- ½” bolt per angle iron. Third way: #9 wire double stranded max. Also you may replace front 2 body mounts with two 1″ threaded rod, you may replace 2 of the 4 rear body mounts in the trunk area with two 1″ threaded rod (front 2 or rear2) must be installed to replace factory mounts. 3 inch diameter washers ¼” thick max. Bottom nut and washer may be on bottom side of the frame, not to extend 1” past nut and may extend through hood and truck. ZERO welding allowed mounting any of these threaded rods.
6. Can have a 4” or less spacer free floating between core support and frame
7. Hoods must have two (2) holes, at least four (4) inches in diameter on each side of carburetor not directly on top of carburetor.
9. A maximum of 20 bolts 3/8 inch or smaller are allowed to bolt together hood seams.
10. Driver doors vertical seams maybe welded solid, all other doors may be welded 6 inches ON AND 6 OFF per vertical door seam only. 4” x 1/8” strap. Do not weld hood or trunk!

1. Body mounts and spacers to remain stock and in place. If they are broken or rusted out, may be replaced with a 1/2” max. size bolt mounted up in frame in stock position with rubber grommet in place, with a 2”x 2”x1/8” washer top and bottom side of bolt. If body mounts are changed/replaced you must cut away the factory sheet metal for inspection.
2. A minimum of one chain or wire running from the outside (top) of roof down to the cowl or BAR DOWN TO DASH BAR OF CAGE on the front window is MANDATORY for safety. Maximum of two. IF USING METAL STRAPS MAX. SIZE 2” WIDE X ¼” THICK, 12” ID APART. CAN GO TO FRONT DASH BAR OR COWL THEN TO TOP LIP AREA OF WINDSHIELD ONLY. REAR WINDOW BARS ARE NOT ALLOWED!
3. Allowed “10”- 3/8” bolts per wheel opening, with 3/8” max. size washer

1. NO welding on frames allowed. (Except where stated in the rules)
2. NO cutting flap to tilt, cold bend ok
3. If running a used car prior to this derby, you are allowed 4 patch plates max (must be on the outside of the frame). Size 4”x4”x1/4”. Must be painted a bright color. So it is easily noticed for the inspectors. AFTER INSPECTION OR HEATS NO WELDING THESE PLATES ON. IF ADDITIONAL PLATES ARE FOUND AFTER INSPECTION – NO MONEY WILL PAID OUT
4. No plates on fresh cars to fix/patch rust holes, unless it’s a preran/used car then follow patch plate rule.
5. You can shorten the frame, but must have 3” of frame sticking out in front of the front body mount factory location (this mount is where your front all thread would go) cannot move front body mount i.e. ford, mercury and Lincoln. CAN NOT MOVE CORE SUPPORT. Also on the old iron GM’s you cut the piece off to square up the front frame if you choose to hard nose these cars.

1. Modifications allowed. Ride height and bounce/suspension give will be left up to the driver as long as it meets the min. and max. ride height requirements. Must remain strictly OEM stock. ZERO aftermarket parts, except where noted.
2. May reinforce factory tie rod or use aftermarket tie rods, but must have factory style tie rod ends. NO HEIMS.
3.. A-arms may be bolted or lightly welded with strap no more than ¼” thick and 2” wide, MUST RUN STRAIGHT UP AND DOWN. One in front and one behind A-arm for a total of 2 per A-arm. Can be to upper or lower A-arm, but not both. Can only be welded 2” on A-arm and 2” on frame. Only a 2”X2” area on each end of strap may be welded to A-arm and frame. DO NOT WELD ENTIRE A-ARM TO THE FRAME! NO OTHER METAL ADDED!
Strictly enforced.
4. Bumpers (front and rear) can be no higher than 26” from the ground to the top of the bumper or lower than 16” from the ground to the bottom of the bumper
5. You may use spring spacers store bought or homemade as long as it meets height requirements of the bumpers
6. You may have a double strand of #9 wire or 5/16’ chain to hold coil spring to rearend and leaf sprung cars may use 4 single strands of #9 wire as leaf clamps or factory clamps. No exceptions
7. From frame to frame behind rear end you may have up to 4 strands of #9 wire twisted together or one 3/8” chain or smaller.

1. ANY drivetrain allowed with the following criteria.
3. You may use factory or aftermarket motor mounts. Only the lower motor mounts may be welded to engine cradle only. You may use two 1/2″ thick spacers to raise engine to clear steering components, may not exceed rubber mount area.
4. No tranny protectors/braces, stock mounting only, stock cross members only, you may use a 2”x 2”x 1/4” angel iron 4” long welded only to inside frame rail to mount your stock cross member I.E. CHEVY DRIVE LINE IN A FORD. No other welding
5. You may weld rearend gears / spools ok. Pinion brake ok

1. REARENDS WILL STAY THE AS 2018, YOU CAN WELD STOCK OEM BRACKETS TO ANY 5 LUG REAREND, Reared swaps allowed no bracing, and no re-enforcement. Max axle size 31 spline, Ford, GM or Mopar Clarification: All must be factory axles(cast flanges) and rear ends, must be a direct bolt-in, NO fabricating or welding allowed of axles or reared(inside or outside)
2. All money winners will be subject to pull axles before payout at official’s discretion
A. Watts link or box ford package tray can be weld in, but no more than it would have come from the factory. For lower control arm must use the factory bracket welded to side of the frame in the factory location and with factory weld amount for 98-02’s
3. On models originally equipped with leaf springs, stock leaf springs and hangers MUST be used.
4. Leaf packs on all cars MUST be OEM stock.
5. Slider drive shaft is permitted.
6. You may have five (5) spring clamps per spring.
7. No reinforced trailing arms, stock only, you may tilt rear ends. You may shorten or lengthen trailing arms. You may overlap 4″ and weld, no added metal. DO NOT WELD ON FRAMES.
8. You cannot transform a leaf spring car to coils or vice versa.
9. You can weld on rear-ends, such as spring perches, trailing arm brackets, and spider gears. 10. You may put one loop of small chain over the stock cross member and around rear end one each side. Cannot go inside car floor.
11. You may also put one light chain or #9 4 strands twisted together across, between rear frame rails behind rear end.
12. You may run chain from rear end to frame, nothing thru body. 5/16” max. Size chain.
13. Aftermarket shifters, headers, gas and brake pedals allowed, Clarification: none may strengthen car.
14. If you have a DP on your motor and wish not to take it off you must cut dash out 4” wider on each side of DP. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED, SO BE SURE TO CUT ENOUGH OUT.
9. Engine cradles allowed (front plate, DP and lower cradle)
11. Pulley protectors are allowed, but sway bar may be removed or not able to touch before or after the race/derby!!!!
12. Any driveshaft and U joint is allowed, may be cut and welded to length.
13. No homemade/aftermarket radiator cradles for 2019, secure radiator with other mines.

1. 6 point square cage only, 1 down tube MANDTORY per side to flat part of the frame, no further forward then the inner front door seam, with a max distance of 2’ from the same measuring point. 6 inch max diameter. 3RD bar must stay inside of interior of rear driver’s compartment, IN FRONT OF PACKAGE TRAY AREA.
2. Halo bar allowed, only to the back seat bar (in line with center bar …No further back), not to floor. Nothing can be attached to Halo Bar.
3. Also inside drivers compartment you’re allowed 2 spots/places of #9 wire to the frame, 4 strands twisted together.
4. Drivers door must be padded.
5. Gas tank and battery must be moved, secured and covered. Tank behind the seat, Battery centered in the passenger front floor.
6. NO PLASTIC TANKS, unless in a wooden box 1” thick minimum or a metal box ¼” minimum. All sides except top side. This also goes for if your using a metal boat tank.
7. Mounted in center of the back side area.
A. Battery and gas tank must be tight when coming through inspection line or you wont be inspected.
8. Nothing may be mounted in a way that strengthens the car.
9. Trans and engine coolers allowed. Must be mounted in rear seat area and meet the approval of the officials.
10. May add knuckles to factory OEM columns or run an aftermarket column

1. ANY OEM STOCK AUTOMOBILE BUMPER, MUST START WITH AN OEM BUMPER, YOU MAY LOAD THE FRONT AND REAR BUMPER IF YOU CHOOSE, IT HAS TO BE STOCK APPEARING OR YOU WILL NOT RUN!!! All reinforcement must be in bumper itself or behind it. You may weld bumper bracket to frame 4 inches from the back of bumper, single pass only. In addition you may put 4 one inch welds on back side of bracket or to weld factory shock inside frame (example Crown Vics.).
2. Shocks may be collapsed and welded. All shocks and brackets in stock location only. Do not move! You can shorten the frame, but must have 3” of frame sticking out in front of the front body mount factory location (this mount is where your front all thread would go) cannot move front body mount i.e. ford, mercury and Lincoln. CAN NOT MOVE CORE SUPPORT. Also on the old iron GM’s you cut the piece off to square up the front frame if you choose to hard nose these cars. You can hard nose the bumpers. Don’t want to be picking up bumpers. Again all bumper brackets and shocks must be in stock location.
3. You may chain, one piece of chain per side BOLTED from the mount to mount to hold on the bumper and weld a piece of strap (2”x1/4”) from frame to bumper 1” overlap on each end.
4. Bumpers can be no higher than 26” from the ground to the top of the bumper or lower than 16” from the ground to the bottom of the bumper.

TIRES, Brakes MUST work.
1. Forklift and skid loader tires are allowed
2. All wheels and rims must be strictly stock, valve stem protectors are allowed, along with 7″ STANDARD aftermarket wheel centers ONLY….. NO WHOLE CENTERS
3. Liquid in tires is allowed. Studs and screws in rims to hold tires in place are allowed

Do not get “creative” or read into these rules. If it is not clearly described above, it is not allowed