2021 Mini Van & Small Truck Division Rules


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Mini Van & Small Truck Payout – $750 to win

Unibody mini vans only!!! This is a very basic gut and go class and you are ONLY ALLOWED TO DO WHAT IS SPECIFIED!!
1) 4pt cage is required, must be chained or wired or welded in to the van in a minimum of 4 places!!! SECURE YOUR CAGE WELL I DON’T WANT ANYONE GETTING HURT!!
2) Stock gas tank must be removed and relocated inside the driver’s compartment or run any metal tank so long as the stock tank is REMOVED. All fuel lines must be re-run so that nothing is hanging underneath the van.
3) Battery must be relocated inside of the drivers compartment, preferably in the passenger floor board or somewhere where it does not have the potential of being hit, and must be secured.
4) Any front bumper may be welded on homemade or factory so long as is within a factory specification. Ex: If you run a pointy it must be within factory OEM specs of a Chrysler pointy. Don’t get crazy, just get something welded on and weld it on good, I don’t want to be picking up bumpers off the track!!
5) You must run a DOT approved tire, mud grips are fine.
6) You must have working brakes, and a seatbelt!!!
7) ALL doors, hood and tailgate must be Chained or Wired shut!!
8) Feel free to spray foam electronics.
9) Hoods must have 2 6X6, square holes cut in them in case of a fire!!!!