Apr 092014

Gates open at 5 p.m.

Hot Laps @ 7 p.m. with racing immediately following.

Draw ends @ 7 p.m.

Classes are: Modified, Sportmod, Hornet, Purestock and High School Hornet

***New Tire Rule: Modified, Sportmod, and Purestock must run A and H tires. Since this was not specified earlier, no one will be disqualified for not having them on the first night. After the first race…everyone must follow this rule.

Mark your Calendars for these Special Events:

May 16th…. (Friday) POWRi Midgets & 600cc Mini Sprints

July 4th …. (Friday) Summer Nationals

July 16th …. (Wednesday) Fayette County Fair Race

Questions:  618-322-8105, 618-347-2327 (phone/fax), or 618-427-3966 (track-race day only)