Sep 172013

All Sportmod/B-Mod drivers must have raced a minimum of 5 times at any track that runs the Sportmod/B-Mod class to race for the $2,000 to win. This rule is per Charlie and the sponsor. Drivers will be verified by the tracks website results.

The 5 race minimum rule for the Sportmod/B-Mod class does not include any Purestock, Street Stock, or Hornet driver that will be running a Sportmod/B-Mod for this event.

Sportmod/B-Mods must follow Fayette County Speedway and Highland’s rules. Please check the rules to make sure your car is legal….they will be checked over by the tech thoroughly.

Classes: Modified, Street Stock, Sportmod/B-Mod, Hornet, Purestock and High School Hornets.

The payout will be increased for the Hornet and Purestock classes. More details will be posted by Friday.